About Clinic


About the Clinic

Haribhakti skin clinic was started in April 1967 with a modest office at Relief Road, Ahmedabad. During that time Ahmedabad City had only few practicing skin specialists [about 5 to 6] which has now gone up to 150-200. The population of city is now less than a million at that time as against. 3.2 million as of now. Ahmedabad City caters to a large neighboring area of Gujarat state and adjoining Rajathan. state from which large number of people seek medical expertise

The clinic was shifted to present address in 1979 with a large area office space.

Procedures & Therapeutic measures available at the clinic:

  • Electro Cauterization unit was our 1st venture in the field of Dermatosurgery.
  • This was followed by installation of NBUVB chamber ,the first of its kind in whole of Gujarat state.
  • Various dermatological procedures like intradermal injections,cryotherapy and wood’s lamp examination are in routine practice.
  • Dermatosurgery is being practiced for Vitiligo & treatment of Skin Tumors.
  • Chemical peeling,Microdermaabrasion,Non ablative radio frequency for skin lifting and tightening and PRP (Platelet rich plasma ) therapy are available at our clinic.


In the year 1998 three computers were installed at the clinic and all the clinical data was feed into it .The various drugs and its dosage schedules with the generic & trade names were also listed. Regular updates are being made in this data . All the prescriptions that are given to the patients are computerized and can be reviewed anytime for future reference. Since then Clinic has facilities of email & Internet, as a result of Which patients from different states of India & visitors from abroad can have easy access.

For Any Type Of Skin Diseases

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