What is the importance of Diet in skin diseases ?

Diet restriction is not important in treatment of skin disease as suggested by other alternative methods of treatment. However in certain skin diseases like Urticaria , Atopic Eczema & Acne certain restrictions are required.

What does a proper Diet consist of for healthy looking good skin?

· Take lots of green vegetable & fruits.
· Sprouted pulses, milk & milk products.
· High protein diet.
· Lots of water intake.
· Avoid Junk fried foods.
· Restriction in sweet & salt intake.
· Avoid preserved & canned food .

What is the role of Vitamins in maintenance of natural skin?

Vitamins are commonly grouped as Fat soluble- Vit A, D, E, K Water soluble – Vit B complex, & Vit C & Minerals like Zinc , Calcium , Manganese , Copper & Selenium are essential for a healthy looking skin. Vitamins & Minerals increase wound healing & act as photo protective agents. They help in hair & nail growth.

Is falling of hair a natural process or a disease?

Loss of 30-50 hairs per day is considered to be normal, but anything more than that either diffused or localized is considered abnormal.

Is there a treatment available for falling of hair?

Yes! But the treatment depends on the cause of hair loss. For which consultation by a specialist is required.

The commonly observed hair loss in man is usually due to Androgenitic Alopecia [familial and or hormonal ] .

In women the diffuse hair loss could be due to variety of causes like Chronic Anemia. Thyroid Disease, Familial Alopecia, Drugs & other chronic illnesses.

Which soap is best suited for bathing?

The type of Soap varies according to skin texture.
· For dry skin : Glycerin containing soap
· Normal skin : soap with TFM > 70%
· Oily & Sweaty skin : Anti - Septic soap

What is Acne?

It is a common condition in boys & girls particularly teenagers. It commonly affects the face but can involve other parts like back , shoulders , chest & neck . When it is extensive and Disturbing , it requires treatment.

What is the treatment for Acne?

Only mild cases of acne subside by itself. In the rest of Cases the earlier it is treated the better are the results.
Treatment needs prolong course with anti-biotics , external ointments & facial washes. It may need repeated courses under the supervision of a Dermatologist. Avoid self-treatment.

What is dandruff and is it curable?

Dandruff is commonly seen as a white powdery material on one’s Scalp. It affects all age groups , however when it is excessive consultation is required to rule out any skin disease in the scalp.
As is commonly believed it is not the cause of hair loss.

What are the common causes of Pigmentation ? Is it curable ?

The causes of pigmentation can be due to the following factors:
· Excessive Sun Exposure.
· Use of cosmetics.
· Vitamin deficiency.
· Hormonal imbalance.
· Endocrine diseases.
· Drugs.
The treatment is related to underlying conditions. It is partly reduced by use of drugs, which can decrease pigmentation .Judicious use sunscreens , surgical procedures like Micro Dermabrasion & chemical peel are helpful. The treatment is of long duration and should be supervised.

What about dark circles around the eyes ?

This is a very common skin complaint. Unfortunately there are multiple factors working to produce dark circles like excess eyestrain, stress factors, genetic factors, vitamin deficiency & others.

Corrective treatment will yield good results.

What is Sun Tanning?

It is a mechanism by which the skin gets pigmented in response to excessive sun exposure.
In most of cases it is reversible but occasionally it persists. It can be minimized or avoided by following methods
· Avoid prolonged sun exposure
· Use protective clothing & helmets etc.
· Use of high SPF sunscreens.

What is Leucoderma?

Leucoderma or commonly called as white spots is a pigmentary disorder in which any area of skin may loose its color & become white.
It is due to destruction of color producing cells known as Melanocytes. The cause still remains unknown. However it is widely believed that some immunological mechanism is responsible for the destruction of these cells.
It can appear in any person ,on any part of the body and at any age. In some cases it is reversible after long term-supervised treatment. In only 15-20% patients it is familial.
Various modes of treatment available are as follows :
· Psoralens with Sun Exposures
· PUVA & NBUVB therapy
· Cortisone & other suplementary drugs

Do Stretch marks respond to treatment ?

Stretch marks or Striae are seen on skin due to excessive stretching as in cases of
· Pregnancy
· Sudden Weight gain
· Hormonal Changes in adolescents
· Vigorous exercise
Treatment is very unsatisfactory but it can be minimized by taking care of above factors and use of certain creams containing Vit E.

What is role of Systemic Cortisone in skin diseases?

Cortisone is a life saving drug if used properly and under medical supervision. Certain life threatening diseases like Pemphigus, Acute generalized drug reactions and in extensive Allergic Dermatitis systemic cortisone can give dramatic results and save the life of a patient.

What are side effects of Systemic Cortisone treatment?

· Weight Gain
· Unwanted hair growth
· Rise of B.P. & Diabetes
· Loss of Calcium from the bones.

These are seen only when Cortisone is taken for prolonged periods of time.

Does external application of Cortisone produce side effects?

No! Not usually. When used in small children, high potency cortisone ointments can produce some side effects. For these reasons mild potency ointments should be used. In adults cortisone ointments should be used discretely and for a short time.