acne Acne
  • ¬†Acne , is a disease of younger age groups characterised by involvment of Pilo sebaceous glands The person having acne develops any of the following lesions graded as follows :
  • Grade 1. small black comedones & few skin colored white heads
  • Grade 2. Erythematous papules & few pustules
  • Grade 3. Many pustules , nodules & few cysts
  • Grade 4. Large nodular lesions , cysts & communicating sinuses
  • Few patients have associated problems like mental & physical stress , overuse of cosmetics ,menstrual irregularities & working in hot, humid & polluted environment which is likely to aggravate the existing acne.
  • Lesions are Usually seen on face, back, chest, upper arms & neck. If the person has a habit of picking the lesions it can lead to pigmentation when it heals. Severe form of acne can lead to extensive scarring & associated anxiety & depression.
  • If acne is associated with menstrual irregularities , obesity or excess hair growth it needs complete hormonal check up & sonographic studies. There is a wide range of drugs available for the treatment which is required to be taken for a minimum of 3- 4 months.