Vitiligo Vitiligo_two
  • (Safaid dagh, white spots, kodh)
  • This term is used for a lesion, which is milky white, well-defined patch. Often showing variable no of depigmented hairs with or without any change in skin texture.

Clinical Features

  • The number, size, shape & texture vary widely. It can affect any areas of body. It is common in younger age group of patients.

Clinical Features :

  • Onset is slow. The course is virtually unpredictable. While some lesions may show signs of repigmentation. New lesion may continue to develop on other parts simultaneously. No definite factor can be ascertained for such events. A positive family history can be seen in < 20% cases.

Poor prognosis in following circumstances

  • Involvement of sites like – bony areas , palms , soles , nipples, genitals & lips
  • lesions having lot of white hair
  •  Positive family history
  •  Extensive long standing disease
  • Old age.
  • Rapidly spreading type

Good Prognosis in following

  • Involvement of face, back & hands
  •  Recent Origin ·
  • Young Patients


  • Patient should understand the nature and unpredictable course & prognosis of this disease. Need of good health & balanced nutritious diet with adequate amount of Vitamins & Minerals. Avoid emotional stress, physical & chemical damage to skin , excess of Vitamin C.

Medical treatment includes:

  • Psoralens –Natural or synthetic with sun exposure
  • Phenylalamine
  • NBUVB, PUVA- Photothearapy under medical supervision.

Other Drugs

  • Cortico steroids
  • Levamisole
  • Dapsone
  • Placental Extracts