1. what exactly is NB-UVB ?
Normay the Wavelenghth of visible ight is 400-700 mm. Whereas the Wavelenghth of UV ight is 200 to 400 mm-UV radiation is divided into 3 types.

In UVbb the 311mm Wavelength is called NB-UVB. in PUVA therapy ora.
Psoralens are followed by UVA light exposure. Whereas in NB UVB treatment we do not use oral psoralens As result this line of treatment has minimal side effects

2. What are the indications for NB UVB treatment ?
(a) Psoriasis which is extensive & generalized, (b) Vitiligo (c) Atopic dermatitis (AD) (d) Mycesis Fungoides (MF) (e) Pityriasis Rosea (PR) (f) Fara Psoriasis (PS) (g) Lichen Planus (LP)

3. What are the advantages of NB UVB ?
In resistant diseases like psoriasis where the local applications are not very helpful this treatment gives additional benefit and also reduces the dosage of heavy drugs like Methotrexate & Retinoids.
Vitiligo is considered to be a big social stigma in our country. Here NB UVB can be used quite effectively to bring colour in the depigmented lesions.
in some cases where patients cannot take natural sunlight, this again can be very useful like in Monsoon season and specially in female patients who have lesions in the private areas and feel reluctant to expose to natural sunlight.

4. How is NB-UVB treatment taken ?
Normally NB UVB treatment is taken 2-3 times a week on alternate days. the chamber contains 24 tubelights of philips TL-01 which emit wavelength light of 311 nm. There is a small computer screen on the door which decides the dose & time of the treatment. Special precautions are taken to avoid complications during the treatment. The lights turn off automatically when the treatment is over

5. how long should one take NB UVB treatment ?
In Psoriasis minimum 20-30 sittings & in Vitiligo 40-50 sittings are required. Maintenance dose of one sitting/week may be required.

6. What are the Precautions required during the treatment ?
a) Special goggles are provided in the clinic to be worn during the treatment to protect the eyes.
b) Afrer the treatment patient should use sun screens while going out in the sun.
c) If burning sensation occur patient must immediately, report to the doctor.

7. What are the side effects of NB UVB treatment ?
(a) Burning/Erythema
(b) Itching
(c) Photosensitivity

8. Can it be given without any complications in pregnancy & children ?
Yes, it can be safely given unlike other drugs like Methotrexane & Retinoids Which are contraindicated.